Photos are a celebration, not something to stress over.

But it’s only natural to have these worries creep up:

  • Is my house too dark/too small for photos?
  • Are you gonna take pictures of all my clutter?
  • What are we going to DO during the session?
  • What the heck do we wear?
  • Will my family even cooperate for this?
  • Is Daisy going to get any good shots at all?

From personal experience, I know it’s totally weird getting in front of the camera, and I also know hearing “don’t worry!” doesn’t exactly help. Up until last year, the only time Lee and I had photos taken was our wedding. But after working with a photographer for some casual photos of us (without the pressure of a wedding!) we were surprised how fast we warmed up in front of a total stranger. And trust me, our awkwardness can be a lot to handle! It all comes down to finding the right match in a photographer. She was able to help our personalities + our love shine, which was such a boost in confidence and it really does shine through in our photos [insert sappy tears here lol].

OKAY… enough about me! Let’s talk about you…

A toddler boy is picked up and tickled by his parents
A mom pokes her baby girl's chubby cheeks

Here is how YOU can have a session nobody whines about:

  • Get your house everyday tidy, not Better Homes and Gardens tidy.
  • Trust that I’ve been in dozens of homes of ALL shapes & sizes. There has never been a single one I couldn’t make beautiful photos in.
  • Answer your questionnaire and I will figure out what we’ll do during your session
  • Pick outfits based on comfort, not the latest fashion trends. And, let your kids have a say! They will thank you for it later.
  • Let me worry about getting honest + real photos. I promise there is nothing your spouse or kids can throw at me, that will throw me off. 

We did all of our favorite things together while Daisy snapped away; we hung out by the fireplace, had a dance party, and read a chapter book as we snuggled in bed.

My husband actually enjoyed himself, and the kids didn’t want Daisy to leave!

Hi there!

I’m Daisy, and you’re very welcome here.

I’m a documentary Columbus Ohio family photographer offering stress-free and fun portrait experiences. I hope you enjoyed How to have a stress free photo session, and if you’d like to chat about your own family photos, smash that button below. Can’t wait to hear what wild and wonderful things you’re dreaming up!

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