When it comes to freezing time and capturing the important stages of life, a personal camera or an iPhone is an excellent tool to have in your pocket. They’re relatively affordable, you can whip it out and share moments in real time, and the photos live conveniently in your digital archive where you can look at them anytime you need a dopamine boost. 

Realistically though, there are going to be moments throughout your life where you won’t want to be the one behind the camera! Professional guidance and an artist’s touch can make all the difference between “taking some pics,” and creating artwork to last generations.

Here’s how often you should book a professional photographer…

Couples – every 2 years

I can’t tell you how many couples/parents I meet who haven’t had professional photos of just the two of them since their wedding! Photo sessions are a great way to celebrate milestones like anniversaries, adopting a new puppy, moving into a new home, or announcing an adoption or pregnancy.

But, also consider capturing the things you love most about your everyday lives together. Think about cuddly moments on the couch, slow Saturday mornings at your local coffee shop, or unplugged time in nature with your doggo. You’ll be so glad to have that photo album that helps you remember what “a day in the life” was once like for you.

A husband and wife sit on the front steps of their house with their dog

Baby bumps – each pregnancy

Some mommas may be eager to document their growing bellies, while others may not feel as comfortable in their own skin. Maternity photos are an extremely personal and intimate art form, so my advice is to just think about yourself (yes, really). Forget about what everyone else is doing, and think about what the photos will mean to you. These photos don’t need to go public, but they do make an excellent gift for your grown children one day.

If you end up having more than one baby, each pregnancy will look and feel totally different and that should be celebrated. If you have older kiddos, adding them into the mix makes for some adorable belly hugs and special moments before the new baby arrives. Every bump deserves photographing!

A pregnant lady with dark hair and wearing a yellow dress holding a black eyed susan flower and looking down at her belly

Newborn – each baby

Every baby has a different story, and their own unique magic that should be captured in photographs to cherish forever. Having a professional photographer come to your home is a low-stress opportunity to capture those tiny details in the first weeks, because we all know that babies don’t keep! You’ll be so glad to capture those early motherhood moments and the connection of your family as a whole as you adjust to having a brand new person around! It’s all part of your story, and worth telling.

Parents standing in front of jungle themed wallpaper holding their newborn and touching their foreheads together in a loving way

Growing kids – 1 or 2 times per year

A LOT changes in the first year for your new baby. You could hire a photographer for the newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 12 month mark and have completely different photos every time! Many photographers offer memberships designed to help you document these milestones through shorter or more frequent sessions.

Modern school portraits are also a great investment for school aged kiddos, especially as a supplement to your annual family photos with your favorite photographer. And don’t forget about a senior session for your high school graduate!

A young Indian boy with dark eyes and long eyelashes covering the bottom half of his face with a red leaf

Families – at least once per year

No matter what ages & stages your kiddos are going through, they deserve documenting. As your kiddos get older it might get harder to see the small changes during the year, but as a photographer who sees most families annually, I can tell you that I’m always STUNNED at how fast kids mature and become their own people. One day they’re sticking things in their mouths (and on the walls), the next they’re telling their own jokes and stories and getting ready to move out of their parents’ houses.

The days are long, but the years fly by. The gift of childhood memories is one investment you can make that will never lose value over time.

Is it time for your family photos? Contact me today and we’ll come up with a plan. Can’t wait to hear what you’re dreaming up!

A family wearing traditional Indian attire standing in front of their house

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