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Lifestyle Photographer based in Columbus Ohio

NO more frustration trying to get the perfect portrait

Two young sisters laughing together on an inflatable slide, captured by lifestyle photographer Daisy Zimmer
A young girl with curly blond hair and a purple dress, captured by lifestyle photographer Daisy Zimmer

Have you scrolled through a dozen photography websites?

Is it all starting to blend together? The grassy parks. The outfits. The poses that look nothing like anything your family actually does together?

Crazy idea: What if instead, we made colorful art of your everyday life? What if the experience was easy and your family actually enjoyed it?

What if you believed me?

If you want to feel nostalgic for the present, look no further. Daisy does not miss a beat.

Our photos are a reminder that what we have in life is beautiful, invaluable, and uniquely wonderful to us.

hi, new friend!

I’m Daisy, and you’re very welcome here.

I’ve been running barefoot through my clients’ backyards and climbing on their furniture for the sake of seriously good photos since 2018. Family photos can feel both exciting and stressful, but I can definitely minimize the stress now that you’re here. I’ll guide you every step of the way.

Daisy, a Columbus Ohio Family Photographer, is wearing a tie-dye shirt and blowing bubbles in front of a colorful painted wall
Rachael pulls out a Jenga piece hesitantly while her son and husband giggle behind her back, a moment captured by lifestyle photographer Daisy Zimmer
Chelsea and her toddler daughter Avery stick velcro balls onto Jordan who is dressed up like a Christmas tree

what is a family Story session?

Documentary family photos have superpowers. They have the ability to bring people together over inside jokes, little moments, and shared stories about the good ol’ days.

The activity is up to you: play board games, go on a walk, or laugh yourselves silly.

The end result? Photos that showcase your family doing what you love. Photos you can proudly hang on the walls and hand down to the next generation.

Photos that say, “this is us.”

Young sisters holding flowers share a sweet embrace in the Springtime.

Chaos is encouraged.

yes, really.

Everyone worries about how their kids (or their spouse) will behave during photos. Traditional family portraits can feel cheesy and faked with the “1, 2, 3, smile.” Not in front of my lens. 

I will help you come up with a plan and provide guidance on how we can structure our time together, but this is 2 hours of your life where you get to re-connect as a family. Your photos will capture the genuine fun and laughter you share together.

Let’s make your new favorite family photos


1. Say hello

You reach out to me, and we chat on the phone. You spill the beans about your family, I share details about my process. If we fit together like PB&J, we find a time for your session.

I’ll send you everything you need to feel prepared and confident.

2. Have a stress-free session

I come over for an extended playdate. Our first session together is in your home, where your kids are most comfortable (which makes the best photos). We spend about 2 hours together turning memories into your new favorite photos.

3. The reveal

Just 3 weeks later, you get your gallery of images. You watch the slideshow and cry alligator tears. You get the digital files, and you also have my support in designing albums and prints so you have something tangible to display around your home. You do a happy dance. You did it!

Daisy made the whole process so relaxing. We all felt so comfortable with her.

My kids do best at home where they’re free to run and be wild, and Daisy jumped right into the chaos and seemed to have just as much fun as they were.

family portfolio

Your family is a masterpiece with a story worth telling.

LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, differently-abled, and non-traditionally structured families are welcomed and celebrated at Daisy Zimmer Photography.

If this offends you, I am not the photographer for you.

Lifestyle photographer columbus Ohio

family story session pricing

a mom and her two daughters on a bed laughing in a candid moment captured by lifestyle photographer Daisy Zimmer

$1500 (weekend) // $1200 (weekday)

  • A 2-hour documentary session tailored to your family
  • Access to Welcome Guide & online styling service
  • Online gallery with all the digital images
  • 2 month access to the gallery store to shop for prints, albums, and frames


I’ve got answers!

For first time clients, I usually insist that our initial session is in your home. Families hire me for photos that accurately tell the story of what their life looks like right now. They hire me for the level of comfortability and connection encouraged during the session, where they can pour their energy into each other instead of the distractions that usually happen in a public place or a park. Think about the things that define your life right now: what games do you play? What makes your kids laugh? What moments make you feel most happy as a family? Then think about where it makes the most sense to capture that.

Unlike “1-2-3-say cheese” photos, I provide a truly laid-back experience. A longer session gives your kids a chance to get fully comfortable with me, without the pressure to perform in a time constraint. I’ll help you plan activities during the session that tell your story, and keep your kids happy and laughing. Pretty soon, you’ll all forget there is a camera in the room!

You’re in good company, because 99% of my clients express the same concerns before the session. But from here forward, you can think of me as family. Working with me is as low-pressure as it gets. I’m patient with shy kids, and crazy and wild with outgoing kids. If your family needs a specialized approach, or if I need to shoot strategically to avoid certain areas of your home, that is totally doable.

Your phone’s camera roll might have a lot of cute snapshots, but it’s also cluttered with memes and screenshots of dinner recipes and other crap that will eventually be deleted. The photos we make together are special. They are created with love and intention. And the best part is, you’ll actually be IN these photos. You will proudly hang them on your walls, pass them down for generations, and cherish them above anything else you own. They will last.

your family is The bee’s knees.

get the photos to prove it.