Ever wondered what the buzz is about those elusive fall mini sessions in Columbus Ohio? Well, buckle up, because I’m about to break it down so you can decide whether this is the right option for you!

A family with two young boys walks under a tree during a fall mini session in Columbus Ohio

Fall Mini Sessions in Columbus Ohio

What is a mini session?

Think of mini sessions as the appetizer to the full course meal that is a full photo session. Minis are bite-sized, 15-minute sessions happen at a set location on a set date, perhaps once or twice a year. Perfect for trying out a new photographer (hi, nice to meet you!), or updating your family photos just in time for those holiday cards. But, since minis are more limited than full sessions, let’s chat about the key differences.

Planning & Location details

Full Sessions

  • Planning: We kick things off with a phone consultation where you can ask all your questions and brainstorm every tiny detail before you even book. Once we make it official, you’ll get my detailed Session Prep Guide with everything you need to help you prepare, plus a fun questionnaire where you can share more details about your family.
  • Location: Usually, we hang out at your home. This makes everything super personal and comfy, letting you be your true, awesome selves.

Mini Sessions

  • Planning: I pick a specific date ahead of time, and you may choose from a limited number of time slots on my calendar. Spots are first come, first served, with no pre-booking consultation. You’ll receive a shorter version of my Prep Guide and Questionnaire, hitting the most important points.
  • Location: Families are booked back to back in 15-minute increments, and the setting is the same for everyone. If you’re after a more tailored experience, a full session might be more your speed.

Session duration & experience

Full Sessions

  • Duration: We spend a leisurely 90 minutes together. Sometimes up to 2 hours if we’re really into each other (spoiler alert: it happens a lot)
  • Experience: I warm up the kids with some fun chats, we play games, and you show me exactly what your life is like. This relaxed pace helps everyone feel at ease, and the best shots come when the pressure’s off and everyone is having fun.

Mini Sessions

  • Duration: 15 minutes, flat!
  • Experience: It’s quick and snappy, perfect for getting a few great shots. But if your family struggles with punctuality or needs extra time to warm up, a mini session will feel rushed. Keep in mind that I am a stranger, and even despite my goofiest dances, some kiddos will take the full 15 minutes to get comfortable and the session will be ending just as they’re opening up.

Photo variety & personalization

Full Sessions

  • Variety: Expect around 50-75 unique images
  • Personalization: I use a detailed questionnaire to plan out your session, making sure we capture your family’s true essence. You’ll get a mix of candid/documentary shots, individual portraits, and fun group photos: perfect for albums and wall galleries.

Mini Sessions

  • Variety: You’ll get about 10-12 images.
  • Focus: I aim for the “must-have” shots, ideal for holiday cards, gifts, or annual updates. If you have multiple kids I aim to get an individual portrait of each of them. And I always leave enough time to capture something fun. A mini is a great supplement to your yearly family photos to document how your kids have grown, but you won’t get the same variety or depth of storytelling that you’d get from a full session.

Interested in booking a fall mini session in Columbus Ohio? Join my waitlist to be notified when spots open up! Minis are scheduled in the September-October timeframe, and sell out fast.

Hi there!

I’m Daisy, and you’re very welcome here.

I’m a documentary Columbus Ohio family photographer offering stress-free and fun portrait experiences. I hope you enjoyed Fall Mini Sessions in Columbus Ohio, and if you’d like to get on the mini session waitlist, smash that button below. Can’t wait to connect!

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