Choosing where to have your photo session can feel like a big decision, but I always encourage my clients to consider where their favorite memories are made. Beautiful photos can be made virtually anywhere there’s good light, so it always pays to think outside-the-box and focus on cultivating a fun atmosphere for the kids (and the adults, too).

The M family is already familiar with my process and what a session with me is like, so when we chatted about where they’d like to do photos this year, they were up for an adventure and invited me to explore historic downtown Dublin with them.

It’s important to point out that no family is perfect, and perfection is never the goal of a photo session. There are stubbed toes and fussy babies, pauses for snacks and bathroom breaks, and totally wild unfiltered time for your kids to just be themselves. Having the freedom to just be makes for some pretty incredible photos that tell the story of who your family is.

We started at the Columbus Metropolitan Library (Dublin branch) and sneaked in some photos just before closing time… lucky us! Their 3-year-old eagerly showed me the tubes that shoot out colorful scarves, and his reactions were SO hilarious to watch. We capitalized on the opportunity to grab a few smiling portraits in the A/C, and then strolled down the street in the warm summer sun, stopping to capture candids along the way. Historic Dublin is extremely walkable, and gave us a variety of backdrops and interesting things to talk about. We had a blast goofing around and trying not to step on the sidewalk cracks — which was impossible, but entertaining.

Mom, brother and I took a 5-minute detour to dip our toes in the water at Indian Run Falls. It was super crowded on a hot July day, but it felt amazing and it was a good mid-session break. We caught lightning bugs on the way back up the path, and then relaxed together in the shade. The M family didn’t get a chance for newborn photos when their daughter was born, but we definitely made up for it that day and captured the sweetest little gazes and coos as she responded to her parents faces and voices. With those bright eyes and long eyelashes, she’s basically a Disney princess!

By then, our tummies were all grumbling so the M’s treated me to some Harvest pizza – score! Afterwards, we all agreed that no trip to downtown Dublin would be complete without Johnson’s ice cream. So naturally, their kiddo got to have the biggest, bluest ice cream cone they offer. Drippy ice cream faces make a perfect ending to a photo gallery, and the M’s are always up for something a little weird as long as it makes for good vibes and happy kids. That’s what I love to see as a photographer!

Hi there!

I’m Daisy, and you’re very welcome here.

I’m a documentary Columbus Ohio family photographer offering stress-free and fun portrait experiences. I hope you enjoyed Dublin Family Photographer: Historic Downtown Photo Session, and if you’d like to chat about your own family photos, smash that button below. Can’t wait to hear what wild and wonderful things you’re dreaming up!

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