Spring is one of the most popular times of year for family photos, and that’s especially true in Columbus Ohio too! The months of April & May are mild and less humid, making outdoor adventure sessions more comfortable and enjoyable. April is also an ideal time to book if you want a golden hour session, but don’t want to push back bedtimes for your young kids. The ideal lighting window typically starts around 6 PM, meaning you can be done with family photos and home for your nighttime routine on schedule.

Once you’ve booked your Spring family photos, it’s time to decide where to have them. Columbus has no shortage of beautiful locations in the springtime. But aside from looks, you’ll also want to consider:

Convenience (like distance from your home, restrooms, and parking), comfort (is it familiar and meaningful?), and your personal style. Whether you’re a nature-oriented family, lovers of architecture, or you just want to chill at home, find the location that works best for you. Above all else, you should be able to look at your family photos and say, “this is us!”

Goodale park & Victorian village

If you’re looking for a photo opp with fluffy pink magnolia trees and cherry blossoms, Goodale Park definitely checks that box. All of the park’s mature trees make a lovely setting for natural family portraits, especially at sunset when the light is soft. Adjacent to the park is Victorian Village, which is another favorite of mine for Spring family photos. The mix of historic architecture and vibrant colors will definitely pull you out of your winter gloom and give your family photos a fun pop! 

German Village

Family photo sessions in German Village are great because no two really come out the same –  there’s always another hidden nook or alley to explore. And while this historic Columbus neighborhood is enjoyable every time of year, Spring is definitely my favorite. You’re bound to smell lilacs everywhere you walk, making it a unique sensory experience. I’m a huge proponent of making family photos a special day, and planning a fun reward or special dinner afterwards. This bodes well for German Village because of all the tasty restaurants (and bars – go ahead a live a little!) within walking distance. 

Schiller Park

Also in German Village, Schiller Park definitely deserves its own shout-out. It’s the perfect spot for lounging on a picnic blanket with some tasty snacks, strolling with your dogs, or dangling your legs off the ledge of the amphitheater as you tell stories. While you could do any of those things during the other 3 seasons, you’ll definitely want to visit Schiller Park in early April to see the blooming pink + white magnolia trees. And, it wouldn’t be a complete photo session in Schiller Park without popping over to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream’s walk-up window for a tasty treat! 

Scioto Grove Metropark

My jaw literally dropped the first time I visited this park in early April of 2020 (lockdown was getting to me… but still). The forest floor was carpeted in yellow marsh marigolds as far as my eye could see. This makes for a tranquil trail hike on the REI river trail which is an easy, unpaved 1.8 mile loop dotted with bluebells and easy creek access. Cons are that it can be muddy, and it’s tricky to predict when exactly the forest will bloom each year. Pros are that it feels totally private and secluded, and the cooler temperatures keep the bugs at bay (for a location next to a riverbed, this is crucial!). All in all, Scioto Grove is a great photo spot if you’re an adventurous family who loves being outside in the Springtime and doesn’t mind some easy trail walking. Click here to see more.

Your Backyard

You already know I’m a big fan of using your home as the setting for your family photos! It’s personal, it’s convenient, and you have everything you need at your fingertips. Spring is the perfect season to hang out in the backyard, venture to the local neighborhood park, or ride scooters in the driveway. If it’s a little rainy (as it tends to be in Ohio!) we can always stay indoors and do arts and crafts or cuddle on the couch with a great book while watching the Spring rain. Remember that although we’re using your home, we’re not just simply taking photos in your home. We’re peeling back the layers to find the heartbeat of your family, and capturing that in a way you can remember forever.

A lady in a floral jumpsuit stops to smell a lilac bush
A small dog wearing a blue harness sits at his owner's feet
A husband and wife and their dog stroll under a tree at sunset

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