Ohio family Photographer

My philosophy

Growing up, my mom cherished me and truly valued the ever-changing person I was. She proudly displayed photos of me and my siblings on mantles and in photo albums – tantrums, eye rolls, and attitude included.

Growing up surrounded by photos helped me feel celebrated for exactly who I am. This has shaped everything about my business and how I approach photographing your family.

a lady holding a giant sunflower and smiling

Hi, I’m Daisy. your new family historian.

Yes, we make photos together. But when I work with your family or your newborn baby, the impact goes so far beyond just a snapshot. I want your kids to feel that same boundless affection of growing up surrounded by colorful, life-filled photographs that celebrate their individuality in a society that pressures everyone to be the same.

My hope is that one day, when they enter the grown-up world, they’ll have the assurance that they hold immense significance in the universe, and in your hearts. I can’t think of anything more impactful.


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all humans are welcome & celebrated here

I’m all about capturing life’s beautiful moments, no matter who you are or how you experience the world. Every family is a masterpiece in its own unique way. 

your family is the Bee’s knees.

get the photos to prove it.